Monday, March 12, 2012

oh, deer

Since we'll be moving to Montana, I think we'll need to continue the stereotype and include some antlers in our decor. Yes, I'm serious. Find me some antlers. Shed them, deers.

Dawna Jones Design modern living room
The Olivers House eclectic living room
Audrey Matlock Architect modern bedroom
Bennington - Trestle Table eclectic
eclectic spaces design by omaha interior designer Birdhouse Interior Design Consulting

How do you feel about antlers? Maybe just a small one styled on the coffee table....

Update: I've decided that driftwood from the Oregon coast would be awesome for styling purposes in MT. Now we need to make a trip out to the coast.


  1. I loooove the first & second living rooms! So adorable! I actually really like the look of the antlers in the second pic & would not mind some of those for our coffee table or shelves!

  2. Thanks for including us in your roundup.

    Super cute blog!


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