Wednesday, April 18, 2012


With the craziness of packing and moving, I didn't snap too many pictures. I'm hoping to once we get settled into a house. It's been a little hectic so far. But to hold you over, here a few photos that I captured. Sorry, they aren't too thrilling. 
While packing up our old house, Luna was locked in the bathroom. She seemed to think the sink was the best place to relax. silly cat.
Our massive u-hual. Luckily, we had Joel's brother to drive it so Joel and I were able to drive our cars over. We had quite the caravan.
Luna was an excellent traveler. Her kennel took up most of my Mini but she slept most the trip and refrained from using the box too much to save my nose.
We made it to Bozeman! There's mountains from every direction. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous, snow capped mountains.

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