Sunday, February 23, 2014

I want a dog!

I've got puppy fever. Okay, well that's no surprise since I am always in love with fluffy cats and dogs. Now I just want a puppy of my own. Right now it's more talk than action but it's still fun to dog dream. Joel and I have discussed and we've set up the current criteria: 
1. Cannot shed. Must be hypoallergenic
2. Must be a good people dog (nothing scary, only adorable)
3 Not too small. Needs to be at least 25 pounds minimum.
4. Cannot be an all white dog.
5. No poodle mixes (This is more a Joel point but I'll work with it)

Where does that leave us? Our top two dog breeds as of now are the Portuguese Water Dog and the Lagotto Romagnolo. Both breeds have many similarities as they are both water dogs, hypoallergenic, intelligent, and super adorable. The PWD are popular due to the Obama family having two of them and the Lagotto Romagolo are a very rare breed throughout the USA with only around 500. Check out the Animal Planet videos of the dogs breeds below. We're also taking suggests for dog names too.


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