Sunday, February 23, 2014

D & E

Yep, it's been awhile. It's so easy to fall out of the routine of blogging. My goal is get back in and stay consistent. Wish me luck. I guess it's like going to the gym and I've been way better at the gym than blogging. So there's hope...

Rewind to September where I was a bridesmaid in one of dearest friend's wedding. We've been friends since elementary and it was such a beautiful day to be part of. I was able to help out and put together the Bride's and Bridesmaid's boutiques. Floral design makes me so happy especially when I'm proud of the results. And these bouquets were lovely. We got all the Dahlias from Pike Place Market in Seattle. Every booth was filled to the brim of Dahlias is every color for a killer price. Our bouquets consisted of Dahlias, Queen Anne's Lace, Bupleurum, and Ferns. Dorothy Huynh Photography did a superb job capturing the day and the result are flawless. Luckily, the Bride and Groom are pretty easy subjects too. Also check out more photos on Dorothy Huynh Photography's website. Enjoy the wedding photos.


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