Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schumacher, I Do Love You

Schumacher has fantastic new fabrics. And they make me smile. Do remember that your computer screen is terrible for showing the true colors of these exceptional fabrics and you really should see them in person.
This new Summer Palace Fret is competing for my love for the Imperial Trellis. Isn't this fabric fantastic?! It's 100% linen and it is awesome! It currently has four colorways and hopefully more to come!
Summer Palace Fret - 174591

Ziggurat is a very appropriate name for this fabric. I just love geometric small repeat prints. They make me giddy. Yep, you can call me nuts. I also love when the fabrics comes in eleven different colorways! It's just wonderful.
Ziggurat - 174483

We actually got in our new Schumacher memo bags before we got in our new fabric. The Nanjing print covers the outsides of the bag and I took a picture of it immediately and sent it to my friend. That is how much I love this print. The fabric is even more fabulous. It comes in four colorways.
Nanjing - 174431

Beautiful Chain Link! It comes in ten different colors. Simple yet fabulous.
Chain Link - 174495

Are you confused? Yes, this is actually a new fabric. I know you are all thinking to yourself that the Chaing Mai Dragon has been around forever. Well, Mocha is a new color and I just love it. The photo doesn't capture the beautiful, vibrant colors very well though.
Chiang Mai Dragon - 173274

Quiz time! Which one is your favorite?

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