Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Sister's Prom

My youngest sister, Coco, went to prom this week. She looked beautiful!!! Naturally, my middle sister and I went there to join in on pictures. Oh, I also got asked if I was Coco's younger sister. Rude. Do I look like I am sixteen?! For the record, I am five years older.

Yeah, we spelled out Coco. Skilled.
Yeah, we are in the window.
Erin, Mother, and Me.
Just my mom and me.
A picture of the young children.
The McDevitt Girls.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. You girls are too cute! That photo of with the two of you through the window cracks me up. Stop by if you have time - I've got a really great giveaway going on. (It's a good one.) :)

  2. haha, happens to me all the time, too - being asked if Im the younger sister and Im the older one as well :)

    wow prom... that were the days. I somethimes miss high school. who would have thought you'd say that one day?

  3. wow! girls going to prom look so sophisticated now.

    I think it's a lovely compliment that the person couldn't tell your ages. Looking at this photo of you and your sisters, you all look young and pretty.

    xo Glad you had a lovely weekend!


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