Saturday, September 25, 2010

all in one

I just love the cute yet sophisticated Birds & Butterfly wallpaper from Schumacher. I decided to pull some fun and youthful fabrics that work nicely with this lovely wallpaper. I choose geometric fabrics with rich color and strong textures. I wanted the wallpaper to be a simple background to the strong yet noncompeting fabrics.
(this fabric would look lovely on a headboard. Or even an upholstered chair or bench)
(great for a duvet or big, overstuffed throw pillows)
(airy and interesting fabric that would love awesome as drapery)

The room will need some cool colored accessories (blues & greens) and strong, simple lined furniture. Yep, that's the quick, little mini plan for this imaginary room. Enjoy.

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  1. Really love the first one with the birds and butterflies


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