Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Time

This weekend we had a lovely snow adventure. We headed across the Columbia River into Washington for snow shoeing. Well, technically I used the show shoes and Joel used his splitboard (a snowboard that splits apart). I had a lot of fun! We were the only ones around and the sun was shinning! We even packed our lunch and stopped for some delicious PB&J sandwiches and graham crackers. Yum. Overall, it was a perfect snow adventure.

Did you all have a lovely weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. M - Did you just have snow shoes laying around? That's kind of hilarious. Your adventure looks pretty fun! I was an indoor girl this weekend and cooked all day yesterday, hosted a dinner party last night and recovered all day today! ;)

  2. So I was going to comment on this and say that I had never heard of a splitboard, thats crazy cool! Now I see your confusion/comment you left me. Obviously you know two Petersons/petersens!


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