Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have such a difficult decision. Luckily, the outcome will be fantastic no matter what I decide. Dave Matthews Band just officially announced they will be back again at the amazing Gorge this summer. But this year it is a caravan. This means Dispatch, John Butler Trio and many other great bands will be there this year for three days. I told myself last year that wasn't going to go to Dave again this summer. But now with this festival style concert I am not sure if I can resist. Yes, I already have already seen DMB 6 times (always wonderful). Or I could opt out of DMB this year and go for option two which are a set of 6 fabulous vintage chairs! They look like the Cesca Cane chair. I could spend my money on this great set of chairs that I have been dreaming about since I saw them in the consignment store. Now the dilemma....Dave Matthews Band Caravan concert tickets or Set of Vintage Cane Chairs. HELP!

DMB Caravan.....
Or six of these chairs...

Which one would you pick?!

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