Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cable Knits

I'm still glad it's summer and our holiday weekend will be filled with sun! I am excited for fall clothes though!

It has been a little cooler in PDX this week and it's given me a chance to bust out my cable knits. I'm sure you think I'm crazy but let me explain. I wore two loose layered dresses, simple sandals and a fedora (and of course, some S&D jewelery) but I was a little chilled. So I grabbed my over-sized cable knit sweater and throw it on top. It made for the perfect effortless chic look (but it did take effort). So see, I am really excited to wear cable knits in the fall considering I've already started wearing them in the summer.

Get excited with me...

Source: google.ca via Audrey on Pinterest

Source: berroco.com via Alisa on Pinterest

I made this simple and handy guide to wearing cable knits.
Well, it's not really a guide but suggestions in style.
cable knits

Knit cardigan, $96
Pringle of Scotland crew neck sweater, $1,395
Sleeveless shirt, $70
Jeans, $80
George lace up booties, $120
Milly black pointed toe flat, $55
Shopping bag, $66
Alexander Wang leather handbag, $475
Earrings, $79
Heather Hedemann - Stella & Dot Stylist, $59
Whitney Anderson - Stella & Dot Stylist, $44
Megan McDevitt - Stella & Dot Stylist


  1. love both of these outfits i can't wait to be able to wear knits! officially your newest follower xoxo


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