Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Night

Joel had to head out of town on Sunday this week for work. So it left me and Luna alone to relax. And that we did just that (yes, Luna is my cat. don't judge). We watched the season finales of True Blood and The Newsroom (did you guys see them, thoughts!). We also managed to browse some online shopping. No purchases have been made yet. But I'm a pro at creating a million wishlists so we'll see if I get around to buying any of the items. Here are just a few things that I want to arrive on my doorstep. Yes, there are some fabulous designer knock-offs here (hey, I'm a girl on a budget). Oh, and there is a photo of cookies....they looked tasty and one sounds pretty good right now.
I've got my eye on you
// stripe sweater // zebra blouse // aztec sweater // cat loafers // sunglasses // skull bracelet //


  1. Love all your choices! And I don't blame you for having knock offs. I'm the same way. I love shopping at Target and the like! :D

  2. Oh yeah knocks are fun, especially when it is a trendy piece. Only buy name brand when you know you will love it forever!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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