Monday, September 17, 2012


I'm pretty giddy for this weekend. Yes, it's still early in the week and we aren't even close to the Wednesday hump. But hello, the boy is deejaying our friend's wedding this weekend. So clearly I'm excited. I've been able to get a sneak peak and let me tell you.....people are going to be rocking out and having a blast. There is a serious art form to deejaying that I can't even begin to grasp. The boy has talent. And not to mention this will be his first public appearance in the past couple years and my first time to see him dj outside the house. wahoo. Oh, and to top the weekend off...we're stopping by my parent's new house and get to see my family. Now you see why I'm counting down the hours till the weekend.
So are you looking forward to anything this weekend?
JSwoops in action

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