Friday, December 7, 2012

Mad For Plaid

I've slacking in blog posts. Forgive me but I *might* have fractured my wrist so typing is a little time consuming. Since it's Friday and I look foward to Friday's Fancies, I've decided it time for a new post.
I love plaid and tartan for the holidays. So for Friday's Fancies, I've thrown together a winter look that's warm, stylish, and festive. Enjoy!
Mad for Plaid

// parka // peplum // scarf // jeans // boots // nail polish // earrings //


  1. Love plaid : ) Just the subtle pop is perfect, especially with the rain boots. Cute.

  2. I love that you curated this outfit down to the nail polish. It's a great color, and I love that coat!

    I really hope your wrist is alright! That's so terrible it might be fractured. Rest up and happy healing! =]

    - Kate


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