Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taylor Lake

This past long weekend, we spent one night in Sunriver, Oregon. It was a fabulous time spent with friends, riding bikes, drinking, and enjoying Central Oregon.

We then ventured off into the woods to go camping one night. I took the following pictures of our camping adventure to prove that I can indeed camp. I'm outdoorsy.
Part of our drive in. This is a typical drive in for Joel during his work week. Glad we took his truck.
After a bit of a drive, we found a sweet little spot next to Taylor Lake. We cut back some bushes, made the ground even and set up our tent.
It's us.
Joel making delicious food.
We had bacon, blue-cheese burgers, potatoes and baked beans.
Enjoyed some Sessions beer on the lake.
Of course, we had to drink some whiskey and coke too.
A fire to keep us warm. And to make s'mores too!
Pretty sunsets.
This is right outside our tent. This is the log I fell off in the morning while cleaning the dishes. I might not be the must graceful person.
Our final goodbye before we packed up and heading back out.

I made it out alive with only a few scratches and lots of bug bites. One mosquito bit my eyelid which decided to swell up. Not cool but beside that we had a blast camping.

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