Tuesday, September 20, 2011

take a seat

It's crazy to think that the holidays are just around the corner! It still feels like summer in Portland. It got up to 80 degrees today. But I'm getting really excited about creating some tablescape for all the fall and winter festivities. I might just have to throw some dinner parties so I can fill my lust for beautiful tablescapes. Here are some delightful ideas...

Natural Elements. I love the idea of bringing in some grass that's growing right outside your front door. It's a simple and vertical arrangement that definitely feels like fall.

Source: bhg.com via darlene on Pinterest

Again simple and vertical center arrangements. Even you can master this.
left via. right via.

A group of "like" items that are cohesive and in a singular color. These simple pumpkins and vases take a fresh approach with a little paint. Think of all the great grouping you could spray paint and center together....candle sticks, plastic animals, jars, pine cones, etc.

This table is fantastic. Colorful paper (felt/fabric would work too) circles arranged in a organized runner. Beautiful wood rounds to add height to terrariums filled with succulents. These runner would be very easy to create. I'm thinking solid gold metallic, black and white dots and a black and white patterned dot to add a layer.

Add color! It's best to keep your vases cohesive so your tablescape doesn't start looking too crazy and all over the place. See how the different vases in the same color works here with all the vibrant colors? Strike a balance.

Think beyond flowers. I already mention adding vertical height with grass, leaves, or feathers to make a great center piece. What about some greenery? Ferns and moss. There's always a plentiful amount of these outside.

Throw some unexpected objects on the table. Add layers beyond the table setting and floral arrangements. Pine cones and antlers are not expected but not too far fetched either. This table might be the perfect validation to buy antlers and use them for my Christmas table.

Any creative tablescape ideas running through your head now? How will you make the perfect tablescape? Any more ideas for me?


  1. I love the table is all the different colored dots. Very cute!

  2. love them all.
    you should not buy antlers. my hubby has about 1000 sheds he has found over the years. really. take me up on this offer ;)

  3. these are gorgeous! the white vases with pink flowers ... amazing!


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